McCall Studio's Clients 
Quality and service is McCall's top priorities for clients for over 
36 years. A trusted talent, her vision, strategic concepts, hard 
work, and industry experience have informed, educated, increased awareness and impacted national organizations, communities 
and businesses.  McCall's methods formed through long-term 
lead responsibility for visual corporate identity establishment and direction for 500+ clients; and lead case study work (learned at  Harvard University Business School), make her an unique expert 
in her field and dependable partner for national/community client brand creative communications, long-term. McCall is recipient 
of 2023 Seefeldt Award for Excellence, 2023/18 PW Chamber Business Awards Nominee, 2022 Davey Award, 2021 AIVA Communicator Award for Branding, among other honors. 
Together, we can create enduring image!

CLIENTS who have called on McCall for Brand ​identity needs​.
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PW Chamber Charter Founding Member/Ambassador, Business Nominee; 2022 Davey Award
Customer service 
is McCall’s
top priority for 
her clients
 through the years.